Waterlink Limited is Kenya's leading water borehole drilling company, specializing in design, installation, and maintenance services


Borehole drilling

Waterlink Limited offers top notchwell and borehole drilling services in Kenya. Our team boasts extensive experience and expertise in drilling engineering. We are among the largest borehole drilling companies in Kenya, with years of experience in drilling and equipping.Ranked the best borehole drilling compay in Kenya

Borehole Solar

Solar water pumps in Kenya are a type of pump that uses the power of the sun to draw water from deep borehole wells, shallow wells, rivers, or dams and pumps it up to a storage tank or a designated destination. Pump water from your borehole to your home or farm for irrigation with our Solar Water Pumping Systems Installation in Kenya.

Borehole Water Pumps

We specialize in the supply and installation of water pumps, including solar pumping systems and borehole pumps, as well as submersible motors in Kenya.Following the drilling process and test pumping, we install submersible pumps in boreholes and shallow wellsThe sizing of the pump depends on the depth drilled,

Hydro Geological Survey

At Waterlink Limited, we utilize various hydrogeological methods to assess subsurface conditions and determine groundwater suitability. Additionally, we assist in obtaining necessary permits from regulatory authorities. Contact us for professional borehole drilling services and geological surveys tailored to your needs.

Borehole Casings

We supply and install UPVC threaded borehole casings & screens. All our products are manufactured and designed in strict compliance with industry quality standards and customer demands, under the supervision of highly experienced and qualified staff. Our products have been approved by the (KEBS) and meet all its requirements.

Elevated Tank Installation

We bring you elevated water tanks that incorporate the best features of bolted, welded, and concrete foundation into a superior design. We offer installations for both steel tanks and plastic tanks. Plastic tank design is more cost-effective, as only a tower is required. We listen to our clients and develop water storage products

Huge Discounts on Turnkey projects

Hydrogeological survey + Borehole Drilling + Installation of pump + Construction of Tank