Telehandlers for hire kenya

We have a great selection of telehandlers for hire from compact 6m machines to help you lift heavy materials on site to 14m telehandlers perfect for large event set up. With standard 4 tonne lift capacity this range of telehandlers offers call leading capabilities. Easy 4-in-1 joystick, anti-tilt cab mounted load controller and smooth inching system allows this product to deliver loads smoothly and safely.

Telescopic handlers are a type of popular equipment used on construction sites. The telehandler is a machine that is appreciated by small and large companies above all because of its versatility. It allows work to be carried out that would otherwise require the use of several separate pieces of equipment. Is it worth renting telehandlers and what does it involve? Check it out!

Telehandlers – amazing and indispensable machines on a construction site

At the outset, it is worth explaining the very concept of telehandlers. These are machines classified as specialised forklifts. This is because they are nothing more than a truck with a variable reach. Depending on the type and model, individual telehandlers can differ in terms of drive, attachments (e.g. winch, grapple) or lifting height.


However, they are much more powerful than forklift trucks. Their large size and considerable working height make them much more suitable than a forklift for outdoor work. This is why telehandlers are so popular on construction sites or in agriculture.

Telehandler hire – what is the service?

Telehandler hire allows you to use this machine for a selected period of time for a fee. There are rental companies on the market that offer both short-term and long-term rental. They usually also offer assistance in selecting a specific solution, as well as the availability of an operator qualified to operate this type of equipment.

It is advisable to choose companies that have an extensive fleet of machines and can offer a range of loader models. In this way, you can decide what lifting height (working height) or other parameters and attachments (e.g. basket) best suit your needs.

Why hire telehandlers?

Being able to hire a telehandler is an attractive option for many companies. It ensures that you do not have to invest in expensive equipment or incur costs associated with its operation. You can also get in touch with an advisor who can tell you which type of loader will be best for you.

It is also an opportunity to learn about the different models available on the market and test them. Rental services are also popular for smaller and seasonal operations, so when equipment such as a loader is not needed all the time.

Hiring telehandlers with an operator

In order to operate a telehandler, it is necessary to be licensed to drive specialised forklifts. This therefore involves hiring an employee or upgrading their qualifications. However, an alternative is to hire a machine such as a telehandler with operator. This saves a lot of stress, as well as money, by providing a machine that is ready to work.

Hiring telehandlers without an operator

The option to hire a telehandler without an operator, on the other hand, is a good option if, for example, the telehandler you have at your company has broken down. In this case, the price may be slightly lower than renting equipment with an operator, but this is only an option if you employ a skilled worker.

Where to hire telehandlers from?

Many companies offer telescopic loader hire services. However, it is worth opting for a reputable rental company that has many years of experience and a wide selection of models, not just attractive prices. You are then guaranteed trouble-free cooperation, efficient contact and access to high-quality equipment from well-known manufacturers. If you have come across this type of place, you can also benefit from the experience of the advisors, and contacting them makes choosing equipment much easier. 

Long-term and short-term hire of telehandlers

You can hire a telehandler for short or long periods, including seasonally. Hiring thus allows more flexibility than buying, and also gives you the opportunity to replace a unit that has broken down.

It is worth remembering that when renting, the customer is relieved of costs such as servicing, so even if you have a company that uses this type of equipment all summer long, ultimately renting a telehandler can prove much more cost-effective than buying.

Renting telehandlers versus buying – find the solution for you

Whether you own a large construction company or a smaller farm, a telehandler is a useful piece of equipment that makes a lot of jobs easier. So it’s worth considering starting to use loaders and increasing the productivity of your site, and to make this possible there are two options – purchase or hire.

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