Forklift for hire kenya

Daily forklift rentals at affordable rates are available at sajberg co ltd Forklift Rental. Alternatively, long-term forklift rental agreements on a new forklift, including full maintenance, are offered. Insurance is also available at very competitive rates.Our forklifts range from 1.8 tons right through to 12 tons, with mast heights up to 7m, including triple-stage masts. We have diesel, gas/petrol, and electric forklifts for hire that will suit almost any requirement. The most common forklift rentals are between 1.8 tons and 3.0 tons diesel forklifts, which are suitable for offloading and moving cargo into warehouses, offloading brick pallets, or general lifting and moving in yards. We also offer heavy material handling solutions with capacities up to 12 tons.

Forklift For Hire offers a full range of forklifts for hire in Nairobi from 2-ton forklifts to 16-ton forklifts. We provide both short-term forklift rental options as well as monthly and long-term forklift rental contracts. Forklift hire in Nairobi can be offered with or without operators or drivers. Forklifts for hire in the Kenya area are suitable for both interior usage, like in warehouses or distribution centers, or outdoor usage. Our petrol or diesel forklifts for hire are workhorses that can be supplied with or without drivers for short-term contracts.

We offer reliable forklifts available at competitive rental prices. With dealers located throughout Kenya, we ensure we can meet all your forklift rental needs. Our service excellence guarantees 4-hour response times on all service plans that come with renting a forklift from Sajberg Co Ltd. We have a vast range for our rental fleet, and we will help you choose the right forklift for the job.


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